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Disability claims- Ministry of Defense

discharged soldiers, who were partially injured or fell ill during the military service and can receive recognition and payments from the Ministry of Defense, are not always aware of their rights and working to realize them...

Discharged soldiers, who are heading for civilian life - those who travel in the East, or in South America, those who purchase higher education and who work hard to fund these options, and who are partially harmed or ill during military service, are not always aware of their rights to receive recognition and payments from the Ministry of Defense and not in many cases - do nothing to fulfill these rights.

The population in question consists of security forces - soldiers, police and prison guards, etc., who serve mandatory service or in the standing army, both during and after their service.

A soldier who was injured during and following his service, including on his way to his place of service or from there to his home, is also entitled to submit a claim for recognition to the Ministry of Defense.

However, police officers and guards who were injured during their activities are not entitled to submit a claim to the Ministry of Defense, but to the Social Security Workers' Branch.

A claim (application) can be filed for recognition by the Ministry of Defense for injury or illness, including for medical malpractice during the military service.

It is very important to consult a lawyer who is proficient in the field as soon as possible after the injury (even during service), as proper counseling can assist in the acceptance of the application and receiving the full payments and rights granted to the Ministry of Defense.

We recommend applying for legal advice and checking for rights before applying for recognition from the Ministry of Defense, as advance consultation and legal representation during the proceedings can help increase both the chances of recognition and the attainment of the full rights according to the level of disability that will be recognized by the compensation officer at the Ministry of Defense.

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