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Professional negligence claims

A lawyer, a tax consultant, an engineer, an architect, a construction contractor, renovators, and so on and so forth professionals - all owe conceptual prudence, one or the other, to their clients (and sometimes to other third parties)...

Every professional carries, as a rule, duties and professional responsibilities for the services he provides.

Whether it's a lawyer, a tax consultant, an engineer, an architect, a construction contractor, renovations, and so on and so forth, professionals - all owe conceptual prudence, one or the other, to their clients.

A lawyer owes prudent duties to his clients (and sometimes even to unrepresented third parties), among other things, to represent them faithfully and to safeguard their interests.

He must also carry out inspections and procure securities in certain cases (in sales agreements, for example) and give professional and reasonable legal advice, otherwise he may be negligent and liable for damages.

An architect or engineer, for example, must comply with the various laws and regulations and construction regulations and standards when preparing engineering plans.

Also, they must, to some degree or another, monitor that their plans are being executed properly, otherwise they may be negligent if they cause harm.

A tax advisor must ,for example, master the tax laws, and be aware and up-to-date with changes or amendments when he provides tax advice to his clients they rely on, otherwise he may be negligent and liable for damages caused.

A contractor must, carry out work (ceiling casting, for example) in a proper and professional manner and use approved materials and in accordance with the plans and instructions of the planner. Otherwise, it may be liable for damages incurred if not acted properly.

Each profession is unique and may be subject to special provisions by virtue of the law and / or adjudication imposing specific precautionary and / or specific legislative obligations. But all the professions and professionals have in common is that in order to succeed in a professional negligence claim, it is not sufficient to prove the existence of a conceptual duty of care, but it must be proved that there is also a concrete duty of duty that was violated in the circumstances, and that caused the damage. The court will examine the facts of the case and the facts of the case, the legal arguments, and usually according to professional opinions of experts in the field, will determine whether there is negligence and whether any damage was done as a result.

We have vast experience in representing professional negligence claims as those who are well acquainted with the duties of the various professionals also on the other side of the barricade. Contact us for advice on whether there is a place and possibility to file a claim for professional negligence in your case.

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